Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Miracle!

Hey here's great story of a miracle!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Flight 253 Staged Event!

Here's a video by the always interesting Alex Jones...something the main-stream isn't touching!


So it is the Holiday Season and I find myself doing a lot of reading which is great; I love it. I got some sixty five dollars in gift certificates to a half-price bookstore and went in and bought about twenty-five books. I also made a trip to my local library and checked out a bunch of comics. It's cold and I have nothing to do to but read, ah heaven.

So I finished Russ Baker's "Family Secrets" and the second half certainly didn't disappoint. Baker covers W.'s administration, the Katrina failure, Bush's failure to complete his National Guard Service and the cover-up, and the problem of Iraq. Heavily noted and researched, if read soberly it will leave a lasting impression. Baker steers clear from the full monster of the attack of 9/11, though he does discuss some aspects of the incident.

I watched a brilliant documentary last night called "Audience of One", about Richard Gazowsky a Pentecostal Preacher in San Francisco, who claimed God came to him on a mountain and told him to make a big-budget, science fiction film, based on the story of Joseph, from the Hebrew text. It was scary, sad, and funny. The whole thing is a complete failure. It is in a similar vain to documentary "Jesus Camp", with speaking in tongues and misinterpretation running amok. All in attempt to make "Star-Wars" knock of for the Christian right. You gotta see it to believe it... 

These types of issues spark my curiosity. I want to know how people end up doing these things like speaking in tongues, and misleading a group of people. So much time, material wealth, and social health are lost in the process. Even worse, little is accomplished while so many suffer...

Growing up as a kid, I never read comics. I just recently started reading them. I love it. I have read a bunch of stuff. I am just trying to go through mainstream stuff like "The Justice League" and all the relevant spin-offs. It is interesting approaching these works tabula rosa, and seeing the whole evolution immediately. I also like the meta-fictional quality of comics, where there is a sort of self critique contained in the story and development. My library in my city actually has a decent comic section. I got "The Flash: Blood Will Run"  created by Geoff Johns, Scott Kolins, Doug Hazlewood, and Ethan Van Sciver.

I would love to write a graphic novel...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Book Review "Family Secrets" by Russ Baker

I am half-way through Russ Baker's mammoth book titled "Family Secrets", which does an unbelievable job of documenting the Bush's corrupt and torrid family history. His analysis and ideas on the J.F.K assassination to the Nixon Watergate incident, will leave you baffled at the "coincidences". For anyone looking to get more facts on these issues, among others, will do no better than look to this book. This book will provide a critical piece to the distorted puzzle of American power for any willing reader.    

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

God I Hate "The Atheist Experience"!

The people I am discussing come a close second on the scale of horrible, to the current manifestation of Fundamental Christianity in the United States. My battle has been with one streaming atheist show called, "The Atheist Experience" and its pack of rabid hosts. The only thing worse then trying to engage these guys in philosophical conversation, might be actually having to hang out with them (I wouldn't wish it on an enemy).

I am so frustrated with these Atheists because they exhibit some of the same disgusting behavior, like censoring dissent, name-calling, quote mining, scape-goating, group think, as the parent organizations that spawned these devils. I truthfully hate modern organized religion so much more, for creating the market for this type of organization.

Atheists are in fact devils, and I mean in the true sense of the word "deceiver". They like to employ reason and empiricism when it suits their case, and then revert to other thought patterns when it doesn't. They offer an empty present and when you try to tell them there's nothing in the box; they react like children.

I have been trying to engage some of these atheists as of late and its been muddled at best. They seem unable to accept any form of criticism, even when I acknowledge their strong foundation. I have never disagreed with a person who says "I have seen no good reason to believe in god and so I don't". My disagreement arises in the enactment of these beliefs, what shape they take in reality. The shape is of a hammer, where any spiritual or super-natural belief is blasted as ignorant and non-scientific.

I want to lead a campaign against these villains! If any like-minded readers encounter this blog, I say let's unite against "The Atheist Experience". Let us become A-Atheists! Our army is non discriminatory, our goal is simple, our resolve is concrete!

ugh, I just wanted to get a post up in the moment...I still plan in the next post to talk more about my research (a paper connecting esoteric spiritual ideas with the infamous rapper Tupac Shakur), and I am going to present some of my conversations with my enemy...and life reflections...and reflections about a book I am writing called "The Boy and the Witch"....until then go to the atheistexperience.blogspot.com and get em!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hello, I am going to blog about news events, culture, Literature, politics, and art. I am going to write about projects I'm working on and about my interactions with different people. I just wanted to get a quick post up, but my next one will be more lengthy. I am going to right about my experiences with some Atheists and my own developing religious views.

I am also in the early stages of a writing project and I will probably discuss that at more length. If there are any writers out there I would love to hear about your own projects and talk about the craft.