Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Poem (I am not a Nature Freak)


She crept the forest plain

Muscles rotating like giant Wheels

Amber locks Matted From Life

Eyes to Us Lazily Subdued

Shells Like Red Rockets

Fully Loaded and Glistening From the Sweat of Anticipation

Two Men

Impeccably Clean Fatigues

The Younger’s First Pair

By A Stream

Water frigid

Paw Producing Currents

like Speedboats

She Paws Unaware

His Shoulder sore

From Awkward Technique

Father Stares Proudly

Birds Flee Spontaneously

He Takes picture of Him

By First KILL

He Smiles

While Missing The Point

He’s never seen him

So Pleased

Standing so Prominent

From Perspective of bended Knees

He Has To Go GET Something

“To Transport the carcass”

He says

“Keep a eye on IT”

And leaves.

Boy stands proud

Before the Kill

Feeling A Little Lonely

The shotgun

Feels heavier.

A tree snaps

And HE Twists

Hoping Not Miss

One second

Of A Moment

Like This.

His eyes casting down

As he Fills up the Wholes

Killing One more is his only Goal

A roar like an engine

Young Boy, Feeling Like A SOUL Stealer

A second Later

A Father blasted FROM A FOUR WHEELER.

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