Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Accounting

So I haven’t posted in a while, which makes me sad. I need to post more, but between school, family life, and other writing, my blog get’s the proverbial “short-stick”. As always, I am reading a ton. I finished a crazy book by Michael Meiers, titled “Was Jonestown a CIA medical experiment?” I bet you can guess what the answer is. I have always found the Jonestown incident very interesting. First, it is something that seems to have played a major part in American’s psyche. In Meiers’ book he does a wonderful job of establishing the deeper threads of connection between the CIA and Jones. Once again, we find a conspiratorial connection to Nazi scientist, in another form of brain-drain.

Much like 9/11 there are questions which surface, which have no logical answer outside of government involvement. Truly, by the end of the book I was just frightened. I almost didn’t want to post about it here. There is something soul shaking when one realizes the extremes to which certain actors of our government will go to complete their missions.

Jones was a Master brain-washer. He used people insecurities and egos to gain total control over them. A question that rises is my mind is that in some way people are especially perceptual to these sorts of problems. I think this is because people are looking for a place to belong, some answer to their existential questions. This is one thing I often feel when talking to atheists. They seem to want to minimize this urge, even when their own organizations are in the same game. What is really crazy and something I learned through Meiers’ book is that the Peoples Temple was not as much a religious organization, but a political one. He explained that Christianity was not heavily preached, and that Jones often referred to the “impotent sky-God”. What is interesting is that all one has to do is feign a Christian belief, to get Christian support, makes one think of past Presidents.

So if you want to lose a little sleep…go pick up this one.

Reading this book had prompted me to go back and explore periodicals from the 1960’s like “Esquire” and “New York Time Magazine”. It is interesting to track the societal perspective and shifts. For example, the amount of information in a magazine, in 1960 a magazine would have 10-12 main articles today this number is doubled, even tripled. Another thing I have noticed is that one thing that has remained the same is the psychology behind advertising. Ads remain tools which promote inadequacy, and speak to our deepest fears and urges.

I found two really great articles on the eve of the moon landing. One was by one of my favorite authors, Kurt Vonnegut, titled “Excelsior! We’re Going to the Moon! Excelsior”, in classic Vonnegut style he exposes how the moon-landing is really just a new technology of conquest, which is basically the historical narrative which is spoon fed to Americans, namely that we the “Space-Race” was an extension of the cold-war, and our success was necessary to defeat the Ruskis.

The other article on the same subject from another of my ideals, Issac Asimov, titled “The Moon Could Answer the Riddles of Life”. This was more a science based article, which outlined some of the theories about the Moon’s origins and what scientist could expect to find in the Moon-rock which they were bringing back. He explains that basically there is no real stable explanation for the Moon’s origins, something which interests me very much, having recently read Richard Hoagland’s book “Dark Mission”. I am going to explore current theories on the Moon’s origins and see what I find. I have been reading another Asimov book, actually two of Asimov’s book “Golden” and “Pebble in the Sky”. Love it.

Well this is just a smidgen of what’s going on in my world, hope yours is as interesting….

Here’s a video I just watched more evidence of the conspiracy of 9/11….another great sleep reducer, for sure…

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